Thursday, September 30, 2010

A SHIFT IN THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC POLES -- Fascinating Information From Yahoo's "Who Knew?"

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Douglas Castle, Author of Braintenance ( shares some very interesting news.


A SHIFT IN THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC POLES -- Fascinating Information From Yahoo's "Who Knew?"

Dear Friends:

Okay...I'll confess. This issue has always confused me. But, intrepid Braintenance Brain-Wrinklers and Knowledge-Seekers, this video has certainly straightened me out. I'm throwing my compass out in order to avoid any further confusion -- the only directions which I truly understand are "Forward" and "Reverse". If I need to figure out precisely where I am, I'll have to study and learn a great deal more about the constellations...looking down upon us from the night sky.


Douglas Castle

p.s. Special thanks to the fellas who came out with the GPS application for automobile travel. It beats trying to re-fold a roadmap, or stopping in a strangely archaic gasoline filling station and asking a slow-moving chap with extraordinarily bad teeth, rubber coveralls and a New England accent (even down south! For some inexplicable reason, these solo petrol-pumpers can have a Derry, New Hampshire accent even when you're stuck in Macon, Georgia -- go figure).

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