Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Collective Consciousness? Does It Exist? What Is The Nature Of "It?"

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The Collective Consciousness? Does It Exist? What Is The Nature Of "It?"

Dear Fellow Minds:

I have always been fascinated with the notion of "the collective consciousness." I do not know whether or not it exists, but the mere possibility warrants a serious exploration. The ability to readily access this capability, or resource, or repository (this "thing") would convey upon the visitor endless possibilities for himself (or herself) and for all of Humankind -- at this moment, our species needs to make a number of seemingly impossible things possible.

The first questions are easy to ask, but I haven't answers for them. Perhaps you can help me with my exploration:

1. Is this thing a cumulative historical memory that can be accessed through some means?

2. Is this thing a "level" of thinking or projection where all of our minds actually meet, relate and share?

3. Is this thing a purposeful "universal consciousness" that incorporates all of our minds as a body incorporates cells? Is each of us a role-player in an  unfathomably large organism or macrocosm? Are we all cohesively and meaningfully interdependent -- truly related, with intertwined purposes and fates?

4. Can this thing be the source of many great advances, spontaneous breakthroughs, and simultaneous discoveries?

I offer you a link to an interesting discussion about this concept. While I do not agree with all of the views expressed by the presenter, nor endorse his philosophies or affiliations, the possibility of this grand design and purposeful interdependence which he alludes to, if it proves true (or if it can be demonstrated to be more likely to exist than not...a small leap, if you will...) would certainly change the way I viewed my life and my world. Might it change yours? 

Only More Questions:

What is the nature of consciousness itself? What is the nature of awareness? What is the nature and potentiality of an awakening experience? Is each of us the center of his or her own universe...or do we revolve and resonate with something far greater?

Enjoy Arjuna's presentation. At very least, it is soothing -- at most, it speaks of something truly amazing and awe-inspiring.


Douglas Castle

Tags, Labels and Terms: the nature of mind, the nature of consciousness, the nature of the collective, the nature of awakening, the notion of universal or cosmic consciousness, are we united by a greater sentience.

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