Sunday, November 21, 2010

Contemporary Bedtime Stories For Busy Parents

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Gratuitous Authoritative Endorsement:

Contemporary Bedtime Stories For Busy Parents
[A Self-Important BRAINTENANCE Exclusive]

Dear Brainwaverers and Cerebral Flex Folk:

First, before we get to "Contemporary Bedtime Stories For Busy Parents", let's revist the last BRAINTENANCE post, and announce the solution. It was titled...


Dear Braintenance Barrier Bursters:

Here's the predicament:

A fellow (let's call him "Chuck") has just gone through a terrible period in this life. After working in a top-secret, black-ops government laboratory for several years, he developed hyper-gingivitis, and every single one of teeth had fallen out. Then, his wife, Ruth, after expressing her disgust at his absent choppers and inability to smile without looking as if he were sucking on a lemon, left him for another man.

Poor Chuck is indeed in a predicament. He's experienced two great losses.

Q: Can you summarize his predicament using two rhyming adjectives?

One answer is encrypted below: AND

Decypher it and enjoy a hearty laugh.
The Key: Each number represents a letter of the alphabet. The Pattern: 3 = B, 4 = C, etcetera. The rhyme...



And now, for today's "Contemporary Bedtime Stories For Busy Parents"
A busy entrepreneurial parent (in this case, a mommy), tucks her little daughter into bed, kisses her forehead and turns slowly to escape. At that moment, the little girl innocently asks, "Mommy, may I have a bedtime story?"

Mommy, caught off guard, thinks for just a moment, and then sits down on the corner of the little girl's bed. She strokes the little girl's hair gently and says in a singsong voice:

"There once was a little girl, and she had a mommy who suffered from ADHD..." The mommy then proceeded to look around the room for a moment, as if she were lost, and then ran out the through the bedroom door, pulling it shut behind her.

Parenting is indeed a challenge when one is an entrepreneur.

Serious Note: Spend time with your children. They need you. And -- you might learn something from might even learn something about yourself.


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