Monday, October 18, 2010

Focus and Attention - Two Different Skills

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Focus And Attention - Two Different Skills

Dear Brainstrainers:

Focus and Attention are two different skills which operate together to make us function (i.e., solve problems) at our best.

Focus is the ability to narrow the sensorial scope and concentrate it on a particular thing, without being distracted by another.

Attention is the temporal retention of focus, i.e., how long you can maintain your focus.

Both skills are important, and can use a bit of sharpening from time to time.

Lumosity has a wonderful exercise for strengthening both of these important abilities. The exercise is also a great deal of fun. Click on the link below to engage your mind in a wonderful exercise. Do you like irony? --- If you are stressed, the greatest way to depressurize, re-energize and re-invigorate yourself is through distraction/ diversion; and the best distraction/ diversion (of course), is a firm focus on some unrelated but entertaining and engaging task.

Oh...almost forgot...the link...


Douglas Castle

Douglas Castle
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