Thursday, October 21, 2010

Re-Humanization - A Renewed Commitment to Each Other - The Hollies..."He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother"

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Consider this post to be a slight change of pace. Sometimes a diversion is necessary. --DC

When I was a boy, this song would bring tears to my eyes. I did not fully comprehend the profound implications of the simple lyrics -- I didn't fully appreciate the metaphor. Yet I knew I was listening to a parayer, a lesson, a declaration of unconditional love, and I was moved to the core.

I'll bet this song by the Hollies ("He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother") opened a great many hearts, made people aware of the spiritual ties that bind us, and initiated a great number of charitable acts of kindness. The message is profound. It means that we are all part of a Human Family, and that we cannot harden ourselves against the cries of the suffering, abandon those who need us, or divorce ourselves from the essence of our Humanity.

This song, over the years, has come to define the greatest qualities of Humanity...if fact, perhaps the very definition of me. The further we move from its spirit, the harder and colder life becomes. The more selfish and unfulfilled we become. The more prone we are to being abusers and tolerators or abuse.

We need to Re-Humanize. Please take some quiet time to listen to this song and permit it to commandeer your weary conscience and take you to a world that could be, if we chose to make it so.

Songs, poetry, stories -- the are the highest part of our Humanity speaking through us, metaphorically, to keep our Humanity alive, and to re-awaken it when it has curled up into a frightened ball in a dark corner of our soul.

Listen and feel. Encourage others to do the same. Let us Re-Humanize.

--Douglas Castle

Re-Humanization - A Renewed Commitment to Each Other - The Hollies..."He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother"

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