Monday, October 11, 2010

Taking A Leak - The #1 Trickle-Down Tactical Marketing Tool

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"Can you believe they really did THAT ?!"
Taking A Leak – a/k/a “Trickle Down Tactical Marketing”

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Readers:

What follows is a mere sample, but a good one -

Sneak Peek From Security Leak: "Tastlessness Sells!" TNNWC Update Bulletin: 10.11.10 Dare you not to laugh.  #TNNWC

People just love leaks. Why (you ask)? Because 1) they feel that they are getting fast-track, important news that was intended to be kept secret; 2) they like to see something that others haven’t been privy [not intended to be a pun] to; and, 3) There is the assumption that secrets are always important, and good to know.

Leaks are generally perceived as being more reliable as news sources than official announcements and mainstream media.

My advice: Organize a Leakage Campaign to keep your prospective market’s eager ear to your door. Leaks are a powerful appetite stimulant for further information and the outward expansion of your brand’s “buzz field.”

Speaking in very plain terms: In my book of buzz-to-brand™ marketing, a properly taken leak is truly the #1 strategy in building a buzz and in generating excitement and anticipation.


Douglas Castle,

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