Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Tragedy Is Everyone's Tragedy - Take Action - Now

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Japan's Tragedy Is Everyone's Tragedy. Take Action. Now.

All of the compassionate peoples of this world, wherever you are, whatever you are doing... Please take a moment away from what you are doing to contribute whatever amount that you can -- we appreciate that these are challenging economic times -- to one of the socially-responsible and charitable organizations which are collecting and providing aid to the surviving victims of a tsunami which devastated much of Japan, a series of aftershocks (that may continue for months....or perhaps years), and now, the very real threat of a catastrophic nuclear meltdown of inestimable proportions.

Those of us at TNNWC send out our condolences, prayers and support to those who  have died or have lost loved ones in this catastrophe. Please join us by contributing as much as you can to the relief effort -- right now. Time is critical. The clock is ticking. Please help.

To find a list of organizations to which you can give your contributions, simply click on this link, or copy and paste it into your browser (TNNWC is not affiliated with any of these organizations):


Please be generous. Give Globally. Join the humanitarian effort to save lives. Every cent helps.

Please forward this post to everyone you know. If you need to download it so that you can attach it to a letter ot send to your email list, newsgroups or social media, you can download a copy of this exact document (as a .pdf download) by clicking on http://bit.ly/TNNWCJAPAN

Thank you.


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