Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skincare Products By Rene Derme - Brand-Building In A Fragmented Market: Installment 2

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Nope: This is not your typical post. It is an opportunity for each and all of us to get directly inside of a marketing project for a small company, and participate in its fine-tuning and growth! It is also a swell example of a delightfully inspiring and interactive blog posting. But I'm not one to boast...

SKINCARE PRODUCTS - Brand-Building In A Fragmented Market.

The Company: Rene Derme at A superb, but little-known custom-formulator of skin-care products for women and men. These products are often referred to as cosmeceuticals, in that they improve the appearance of skin by actually improving its health.

Note: This is the second installment in a series regarding a real-time case study being undertaken by several of the Divisional Presidents of TNNWC Group, Adam Kovitz (TNNWC's Founder) and myself. Our selected client is a wonderful gem of a company called Rene Derme with a website at

How You Can Participate:

1) You can participate (if you are not familiar with the brand) by visiting the website and filling out a two-minute opinion poll (the poll is anonymous). [Rene Derme Poll 1]

2) If you are an existing client, or if you make a purchase, you can fill out a different, more-detailed opinion and service poll (the poll is anonymous, but you may include your name if you wish). [Rene Derme Poll 2]

First, let’s have a brief recap of what this collaborative, cooperative study is about:

The Challenge For Us: Building a legend, building a brand, generating a buzz, expanding markets, increasing marketshare within each market and earning a growing client base of loyalists for a uniquely wonderful but little-known company. While the company has a presence on the internet (a website), and a loyal following of repeat clients who unconditionally endorse the skincare products and applaud the company's products and warmly personalized service, Rene Derme has not taken advantage of communications technology which we feel will catapult its sales by several orders of magnitude over a short period of time. At present, its new clients come by personal referral from faithful existing clients, many who offer grateful testimonials. And yes, the client base is certainly growing -- but we intend to exponentialize this rate of growth.

The Strategy To Be Deployed: Multiple Mad Marketing Strategies, including Viral Spiraling through news releases, blogging, and continuous waves of social media messaging.
The two polls follow. Go to the site (, visit a bit, and then come back to fill out and submit either Rene Derme Poll 1 or Rene Derme Poll 2. Results will be published for the world to see. Thank you for being a collaborator, a team-player, and an initiator.
---------------RENE DERME POLL 1 (click):

RENE DERME POLL 2 (click):


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