Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Douglas Castle Humbles Himself And Begs Forgiveness (Which Is Always Easier Than Asking Permission)

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Dear Readers (Entrepreneurs, TNNWC Members, Colleagues, Business Leaders, Innovators, Project Managers, Commanders of Growing Companies, Braintenancers, Global Futurists, Internationalists, Marketers, Trend-Watchers, Trend-Setters, and Friends):

Subject: Douglas Castle Apologies for An Annoying Technical Glitch.

Q: Conspiracy or Catastrophic Compound Error?

It's simple. I am not certain whether it was due to a deadly conspiracy involving a collaborative effort among Twitterfeed, Hellotxt and Ping, or whether it was the result of an extremely unlikely catastrophic compound error (Do I sound paranoid? Are you talkin' to me?), but my status updates have been prodigiously posting themselves to many of my blogs without my knowledge or consent.

Since this began two days ago, I have had a "Blue Ribbon Panel" of "experts" working on solving the problem, and after much debate (mostly over who would be responsible to pay for lunches, and how much of a gratuity we should give the delivery kid), they have assured me that the mechanism has been repaired.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, and I thank you for your patience and for reading me and my guest contributors.

Faithfully, and in the spirit of friendship,

Douglas Castle (the official website, soon to be released in Visionary Version 3.0 – please stay tuned!)

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