Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pictures First, Explanations Second - How Social and Business Communications Work.

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In all social and business communications (teaching, arguing, selling...) pictures come first and explanations (in the form of text, prose, copy or scrolling script) come second. Picures are morre easily grasped and understood, as well as recalled, than are words.

People would rather go to the movie than to read through the book because it frees them from the "burden" of creating constructs (pictures) with their own imaginations. It's easier to remember any part of a movie (generally speaking) than any portion of a book -- with few exceptions.

Visual memory is processed, stored and recalled through a very different process than are words. We ultimately think in pictures, even if these pictures are formed in our own minds after having read or head words.

How many times have you heard someone ask "Do you SEE what I'm SAYING?" This is not an accident -- people believe what they see, and recall what they see, far more easily and accurately than they do groups of words.

When your third grade teacher told you to bring in visual aids when it was your turn to make a presentation regarding some assigned topic in front of the class, she (Ms. Schenendorf, in my case) did it because she intuitively understood that every presentation is made clearer and more memorable by the use of pictures; even if these pictures are collages, montages, word clusters, videos, charts and graphs.

Carrying it one step further, and I always do, words which are coupled with pictures ("A" is for "apple"), or words which are embedded into pictures (whether captioned, or with "thought" or "talk" balloons to illustrate dialogue) are better anchored in the subconscious mind.

It is easier to remember a line from a movie than it is to recite a brief stanza from a poem.

If you've ever had a nightmare, what do you recall first and longest after you've awakened? The dialogue, or the imagery?

I now rest my case. -- DC

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--especially after the recent failure at Amazon...

In the crucial business and social areas of communications and messaging, pictures (including collages, superimposed photos, illustrations with embedded wisdom) are often far more effective and powerful and conveying ideas, and for stimulating ready recall than plain copy, text or written words.

They are simply processed differently, recorded differently and stored differently in the mind. In fact, most of us think in pictures more than we think in words. When you awaken from a dream, do your memories of a dialogue linger, or do the visual situational aspects tend to stick more firmly in your mind? Think about that example once again...

Use pictures (visual imagery) as much as possible in order to make your message clear and memorable.

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