Friday, April 15, 2011

Entrepreneurs and Optimism...

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Entrepreneurs and Optimism...

Dear Colleagues, Brainiacs, Leaders, Initiators and Early-Adopters:

"You cannot succeed without a clear vision of your objective or destination firmly in your mind. And you must be endlessly creative in order to find the positive implication, application or gift to be gleaned from every obstacle or failure along the way. A good sense of humor might also help when your attempts at 'seeing the bright side' occasionally falter."

- from the BRAINTENANCE Blog, by Douglas Castle, Chairman and CEO of TNNWC.

To be an entrepreneur, you must be an optimist in your every thought and deed. You must find the silver lining in that swelling cumulus cloud. You must find the glass to be "half full" (which is actually twice as good if it happens to be filled with hemlock). You must run for the roses at full speed, despite the prickly thorns ripping at your Armani trousers and the mud filling your Bruno Magli shoes.

My friend is an entrepreneur in a start-up company, and he told me just the other day..."Douglas - I'm destined to become filthy rich. And I'm already halfway there!"

After a brief pause for thought, I replied, "I can sense it already!" and walked away nodding to myself.

Despite his poor personal hygiene, his ebullient, positive attitude left us both walking away smiling broadly, albeit for different reasons.


Douglas Castle

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