Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Leaders and Builders Must Think Outside the Box

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If you aspire to a position of great leadership and responsibility, this requires that you are constantly able to see "outside of the box." You must find unique, ingenious ways of working around impediments, both real and perceived (in your frightened subconscious, with all of its self-limiting beliefs) in order to build your business, your career, or to achieve your most heartfelt goals.  Thinking freely and creatively multiplies your problem-solving abilities.

Great Leaders and Builders Must Think Outside the Box []

NOTE: This article was written by author Douglas Castle, Chairman and CEO of TNNWC Group, LLC a provider of virtually every service needed for growing business enterprises. It was first published in the BRAINTENANCE Blog.

Dear Thought-Leaders, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Company Captains, Coaches, Consultants and Tour Guides (finding themselves in an unfamiliar part of the rainforest):

One of the tricks to problem-solving is to view roadblocks as "situations" and to contend with them as environmental changes. Just labeling a detour in the road as "a problem" causes your mind to be less creative, more inhibited, and more self-limiting.

There are no problems -- ther are, however, all manner of situations...and situations are always subject to change, either by themselves, or because we intervene to change them.

Be fatalistic about what you may perceive as a problem is all too often a self-fulfilling prophesy. Stop worrying about problems are start adjusting to situations. Not only will this make you into a bettr leader, but it will infuse your team, your followers, your employees and those who depend upon you to be more optimistic and more creative.

The proverbial box is a prison cell or a coffin -- even if your body is there, your mind is free to go where it needs to in order to set you free.

Perception is often the key to creativity and better problem-solving skills.

Lear to see things dispassionately and n-dimensionally. You'll get increasingly skillfull at solving problems and at being a truly resilient Human Being.


Douglas Castle

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