Monday, November 26, 2012

Meditation: Instant, Quick, FREE AlphaBreak!

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We frequently need to de-stress, relax, clear our minds of chaotic debris, gain a fresh perspective and regain a fresh, energized creative perspective. Each of us needs a clean refresh and full emotional and psychological reset to be at his or her best If you are a follower or reader of The Braintenance Blog, I would suggest you bookmark this page, because you're going to use this meditation recording at least three times a day - and if your need it, perhaps a fourth or fifth time.

The recording takes less than 10 minutes each time, but its effects are amazing -- and you can listen to it without headphones, antennae or an aluminum foil hat in the quiet of your home or office.Consider it to be a quick sanity kit.

Rid your weary mind of burdensome anxiety or the fugue state induced by the upcoming year-end audit, guessing at your bonus, pre-holiday Christmas gift panic, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Return-That-Junk Tuesday [a Lingovation], the blues, the blahs, the feeling of seasonal pressure. Reclaim your life and your joy by using this nifty meditation tape.

The optimal times to listen to this brief but powerful "rewing your mind" tape are right before bedtime (when your mind is drifting off toward pre-sleep -- the hypnogogic susceptible state), as soon as you wake up in the morning (when your mind is in a suggestive hypnopompic state) at lunchtime, before youve eaten, and any other time when you are beginning to feel frustrated and you mind is "heating up" and rebelling against know -- when facts become more elusive and problem-solving stops becoming a challenge and starts becoming emotionally and intellectually paralytic.

Enjoy this tape as often as you like: And remember, favorite this page and post this whole darn article to all of your social media sites.

Incidentally, it is also excellent to play before important meetings, presentations and even negotiations. The download link follows. Start using this meditative reset today.

Thank you for reading me, retweeting me, and for paying this wonderful gift forward to friends, colleagues, contacts and the enormous ranks of persons whom you've not met, but whom you may indeed be destined to meet.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Increase Memory, Recall And Cognition: MAZES!

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Did you know that navigating your way through mazes can increase your total memory, recall and cognition? Did you know that this simple recreational activity (which only requires a pencil and a mind) also delays the outset of senile dementia, enhances your ability to focus, improves your abstract reasoning, improves your ability to plan and carries with it untold and countless other benefits.

Mazes are wonderful mental muscle builders.

Individuals tend to attack mazes (on paper or on sketch screen applications on mobile devices) using any one of several approaches:

1) Brute Force Adherents, who only make a cursory inspection of the maze, followed by high-speed trial and error attempts, with each attempt usually getting than the one which preceded it and terminated at an earlier stopping point;

2) Center - Out Examiners, who view the whole maze and first seek to identify the center, and psychologically work their way outward to the entryway of the maze befor putting stylus to screen or pencil to paper;

3) Alternating Center-Out, Outside-Center Examiners who switch back and forth between finding a path from the center out, and from the entrance to the center prior to tackling the maze with any commitment.

As you might have guessed intuitively, the third group tends to be the most successful in terms of time to master the maze, while the first group (unless they have done a great number of mazes and have developed an instinct for the maze maker's structures and tricks - to the extent that there is some element of pattern recognition) tends to fair the slowest.

The third group is using multi-dimensionally referenced intelligence (actually making connections from several different perspectives and putting them together), while the first group is working very much like a computer... except that the computer can do the same brute force trial and error process much faster.

In working a maze, try to work (even if it requires a change of habit) like the constituents of the third group to the greatest extent reasonably possible. In fact, one of the best tricks is to hold the maze as far away from your face as possible, and then bring it closer a bit at a time; then reverse the process. This adds yet an additional perspective to give you both the microscopic and telescopic dimensions of the maze.

Some Tags, Labels And Search Terms For This Article: Prim, Kruskal, DFS, Depth First Search, maze algorithms, recursive, labyrinth, crop circles, topiary, menagerie, perception, objective view, subjective view, maze-building...

For your entertainment, I've put together a short list of maze generators. You can use these to generate mazes, print them out (if you must kill a tree -- sigh --), and do them at your leisure. One thing is certain; the more of these that you do, the better you get at doing them quickly. Some of this is attributable to pattern recognition, and some of it is due to better integrating all of the perspectives in all of the dimensions.

The list of maze generators follows:

Selected On November 16th, 2012
(allows you to create your maze in a variety of shapes)

Enjoy this exercise in aMAZEment.

Thank you, as always, for reading me and for retweeting (RT) me.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog, The Taking Command Blog, The Sending Signals Blog and The Business And Project Planning And Management Blog.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Meditation: Program Yourself For Success

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Self-hypnosis, NLP, future visualization, subliminal suggestion and the notion of The Law Of Attraction may or may not be part of your belief system. I know that many of our readers of The Braintenance Blog are quite skeptical about anything that they cannot examine fully with their conscious senses -- even then they tend to be doubtful. There is nothing wrong with belief systems, unless they inhibit your self-growth, professional development, achievement of your objectives or your happiness. In such cases, subtle re-programming can and does work wonders.

The secret lies in the ability to open your mind, suspend conditioned disbelief, and simply enjoy the experience. While great expectations are wonderful, they can set you up for disappointment.

My preferred approach is to 'let the experience take me wherever it will,' and to just permit myself to let whatever happens happen.

The best expectation orientation is to just enjoy the just let it enter you.

After reading the small print on the image below, click on it and listen to a very relaxing imagination exercise in future visioning (provided by Real Subliminal)

Toward the end of the pleasant little mind excursion there is a gentle, no-stress sales discussion. Listen to that as well. You'll find the speaker's voice continuing to be relaxing, without disturbing your mood in the slightest.

Take a bit of time for yourself - Just YOU - And enjoy this audio visual presentation. If you are like I am, you will enjoy the experience more, if you fully relax, eyes closed and just focus in on the voice...Just the voice.

Do try it. Evening seems to work best, and as with all programs such as this one, don't drive or do anything requiring coordination or sharp judgment until a good 15 minutes after the mind journey has ended.

I hope that you've enjoyed your brief journey. While you're in the neighborhood, click on some of the tabs on the home page [right under the blog title heading] and find yourself some mind calisthenics (brain training exercises) to play with.

Your mind is a muscle - the more you exercise it, the more powerful it becomes.

Thank you as always for reading me! :-)

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog, The Mad Marketing Tactics Blog, The Taking Command Blog, The Daily Burst Of Brilliance Blog, and the exciting new additions to the fleet:

The CrowdFunding Incubator Blog and The CrowdFunding RSS Feeds Blog.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Problem With Solutions: Brain Teasers.

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While strolling through cyberspace via search engine, I came across some nifty word problems involving mixtures or solutions. These are my favorite types of algebra problems because there solutions require solutions. I can't seem to get enough irony (or wordplay) - I might be anemic. These are great problems to try to do in your head (visualize containers and the pouring process) if the math is easy enough. There are great fun, highly gratifying, and wonderful brain-trainers -- not only for algebraic reasoning, i.e., find the missing number, but for improving your ability to visualize. 

That's right. The Braintenance Blog is offering our adherents (those who stick with us or to us) two benefits for the price of one. In fact, if we wanted to keep this sale in proportion we'd have to offer four benefits for the price of two; or three benefits for the price of one and a half; or (let's get crazy) one whole benefit at half price... do you see where I'm going?

Here's the first one:

Q: SOLUTION: WORD PROBLEM: How much water should be added to 8 ML of 6% Saline solution to reduce the concentration to 4%?

A:  The answer is going to be an additional 4 ML of water to be added. It is simply a matter of proportions

A few more of these problems follow from a nifty website at 

Try 'em. The method of access:

1) Click on a problem link;
2) Try to solve the problem in your head -- if it's a toughie, use the calculator;
3) Hit the "BACK" button on your browser;
4) Return to this page for punch and sandwiches;
5) Click on another problem link, and repeat this process.

Note: Don't forget to come back to say farewell!


How much water should be added to 8 mL of 6% saline solution to reduce the concentration... (answered by Alan3354)

how much water should b added to 8 milliliters of 6% saline solution to reduce the... (answered by josmiceli)

How much water should be added to 16 mL of 20% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by josmiceli,checkley77)

how much water should be added to 16 ml of 17% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by jorel1380)

how much water should be added to 12 mL of 17% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by mananth)

how much water should be added to 24 mL of 17% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by Fombitz)

how much water should be added to 26 mL of 17% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by solver91311)

how much water should be added to 24 mL of 16% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by Tatiana_Stebko)

how much water should be added to 10 ML of 19% alcohol solution to reduce the... (answered by lwsshak3)

I'll be back with more Braintenance soon! -- Douglas E. Castle

This article was sponsored by:

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...and by all of the Algebra Teachers in the Universe -- Bless Them. 

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