Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Assuming Responsibility Can Be Dangerous

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Assuming Responsibility Can Be Dangerous. 

I just received this comment from a good friend, who is trying to help me:

"In regard to this misunderstanding, I think the problem stems from the original document you sent me called  'HUMAN ASSET REQUIREMENTS'." - [Name Witheld]

My Dear Brother (I sometimes call friends this):

I am sorry for having caused your problem. After all....you were only following orders. This is fully my fault for having the audacity to outline a plan for you to use as a guide...In so doing, I had inadvertently accepted responsibility. I am going to be revising this whole plan shortly. In doing this again, I will graciously accept the full responsibility and all of its potentially adverse consequences.

You have taught me something: It is always safest never to improvise -- if you do, you may be blamed for having assumed some amount of the responsibility.

You are a clever fellow, indeed.


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