Monday, March 29, 2010

Braintenance: Permutations and Combinations!

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Dear Fellow Cranial Crunchers:

You now have some problems. Wait. Let me re-phrase that. It was politically incorrect. Perhaps, "You now have some issues." No... perhaps, "You must now address some challenges." Ah, much better.

1. In a group of ten individuals, how many pairings are possible?

2. In a group of ten individuals, how many combinations of 3 individuals each are possible?

3. In a group of ten individuals, how many combinations of 2 or 3 individuals are possible?

4. Five paintings are to be arranged in a row on a wall. How many different arrangements are possible?

5. Same facts as in question 4, above: How many different arrangements are possible where two paintings by one particular artist must be side by side?

Hop to it!


Douglas Castle
For some helpful hints to assist you in finding the right answers for the above questions, you can get a free instructive download at:

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