Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Authors: Promoting your Articles and Information Internationally and Easily.
Douglas Castle's Update at 03.24.2010 - A Suggestion of General Interest
Dear Christine, Colleagues, Fellow Authors, Bloggers and Friends: 
There are numerous problems between Google/ Blogger/ MSN and other US-domiciled services and China right at this moment. They are both corporate and political in nature and beyond the scope of our immediate control.
We are working with programming at this very moment in order to feature TNNWC content on a "multiple platform" basis to mitigate this problem to the extent which we can.
A process that might help if you wish to get your articles and information out to a large number of people internationally is to:
1) Use a remote-hosted fileserver like Mediafire to upload your articles either as locked WORD documents or as .pdf files (there are freeware programs available to convert Word files into .pdf files);
2) Get a link to each uploaded article (it is provided to you by Mediafire automatically);
3) Shorten the link with an url-shortening service (such as;
4) Incorporate this url as a hyperlink in your emails and in your postings to all social media and give people the option to read and/or download your actual article from the fileserver service.
This approach is important for every writer to know about. It is a good way to preserve your articles, give people direct links to "hardcopy" downloads of your blogged articles (without their having to go to the TNNWC website or to Blogger, etc., and without their having to read through any material other than your article as it appeared in The National Networker Newsletter at, or wherever it might have been published originally. 
The article will appear with all of its hyperlinks, buttons, and visuals fully intact.
I do this frequently, and clients and readers truly appreciate it.
I'll endeavor to keep you updated.
Isn't it fun to be creative? It teaches you things, expands your skill set and improves your problem-solving abilities. It just isn't as much fun having somebody else be creative for you, but it is easier (I'll admit it).
A smart fellow once told me that "The true nature and purpose of all business is solving problems."....then again, I think I might have simply been talking to myself in a rare moment of clarity.
All the best,

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