Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time is Even Shorter...Damn.

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Time is Even Shorter...Damn.

Dear Friends:

24 hours is too short a day for me to accomplish all that I need to do. And I'll bet my pet turtle ("Lieberman") that you have felt or expressed the same sentiment many times.

Apparently, NASA physicists, as well as some geologists and other people with -ologists at the end of their professional titles are theorizing that the recent earthquake in Chile might have been severe enough to alter the Earth's magnetic polarity and rotational cycle. What this means is that the length of days may now become even shorter. Procrastinators be warned (eventually).

You might find the following to be interesting reading, courtesy of Yahoo! News:

I will let you in on a secret. Even if the days are shorter and my lifespan in terms of time (which has not, in itself, changed) remains as it is, I may actually live a few days longer now, at least as days are measured. And even more interesting is that this whole damn thing does absolutely nothing in terms of the infinitessimally small duration of the present, as a moment in time -- the present moment is submicroscopically fleeting, as it falls into the past and we are projected instantly into the future.

If you think of a way to suspend time and permit me to actually savor the present moment at greater length, please ring me up.

Douglas Castle
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