Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Are You Running TOWARD Something, or RUNNING AWAY FROM Something?" - Douglas Castle

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"Are You Running TOWARD Something, or RUNNING AWAY FROM Something?" - Douglas Castle

Dear Readers:

The question would seem to be a very simple one, and indeed it is. Its answer, whatever that may be for any of us, determines 1) what direction our journey will take; 2) where we will end up, and 3) what type of experience we will have along the way.

If we visualized that the things we fear were very much like one "gravitational force," and the things that we desire to acquire are just like the other, competitive "gravitational force," we would soon stumble upon the conclusion that our lives' trajectories, velocities and destinations will be shaped by the conflicts and relative strengths of these two gravitational bodies that each lie at some distance from us.

My suspicion is that running toward something tends to make for more of a deliberate journey, where we have significant say in the flight plan, whereas a life lived running or hiding from something tends to be as erratic as it is frenetic.

Do some Braintenance...exercise your introspection and do some reverse engineering. If you are brutally honest with yourself, you can find out why you are where you are, and why you are headed where you are headed.

Perhaps the mere recognition of these motivational forces in our lives might allow us to better live each day. And life is the sum (or perhaps the product) of all of our days.


Douglas Castle

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