Friday, April 16, 2010

Braintenance - Solving Thorny Problems

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Braintenance: Solving Thorny Problems.

Dear Friends:

It is, as my musician friends would say, a simple fact: We are each, at one time or another, posed with a wicked question which demands an answer -- and we stand there, clueless. Or, if we are like my ex-girlfriend's dad, a preeminent "petroleum transportation engineer" at a local filling station, we say, "You'll never learn unless you look it up yourself."

That latter comment is truly wisdom; albeit said in the expediency of the moment in order to get rid of a pesky kid who really wanted an answer that petro-papa was too proud to admit that he could not provide.

The exercises which follow will build your mental muscle (a sort of "cranial crunches"). And I'll give you a week to answer them. Don't just tell me how you'd look -- give me the answer to prove to me that your advice is valid. You can do it! [By the way, this is a DIY post, so the answer "ask someone who might know," is not permitted]

1. You've heard a new word. You do not know how to spell it, but you must find out what it means. How?

2. You need to know the most common side effects of a chemical -- ephedra. How?

3. You need to know about the reputation amongst consumers, about a 2009 Lexus SUV before you purchase one.

4. Your 10 year old son was just stung on the ankle by several nasty yellowjackets. Wht must you immediately do?

5. You see this mystery molecule (a picture) and are asked what commonly -prescribed medication it represents:

6. You are asked to name the lady or gentleman to whom the phrase, "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." How?

7. You are asked to interpret the following mystery barcode. You haven't access to a scanner.How?

Good luck, fellow brain-blasters.



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