Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Unanswered Question*

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Braintenance: The Unanswered Question*

Dear Fellow (and Lady) Cerebral Celebrants:

I have done it more than once. Here is the typical scenario:

I  post a question to which I have requested an answer from you.

A week goes by. Perhaps two weeks go by. I don't refer back to it, let alone answer it.

Allowing for this much time, you have either 1) forgotten about the question entirely, because you figured you'd eventually get the answer from me; 2) crunched quite hard and found the answer yourself, but are waiting for me to verify in a post that your answer is indeed correct, or: 3) you have crunched quite hard and found the answer yourself, have checked your answer in several ways, and have confidence that you are correct -- you are waiting for the challenge to be posed by the next question, and you will aggressively and confidently find and validate (or verify) your answer to your own satisfaction through your own creativity and initiative.

Choice "3" is my objective for you, as it is for myself. Building the ability to be resourceful and find your own answers (like a scavenger hunt, in a way) is a great deal of what Braintenance is about. The other part -- verifying an answer to your own satisfaction, and building your self-confidence as well as your resourcefulness -- that's the rest of it.

My wish and my goal for each and all of you is to build your own resourcefulness (i.e., your problem-solving and research skills), and to build your confidence in the answers which you have arrived at through your own ingenuity.

Perhaps that is my answer to your unasked question.

Sometimes I'll post answers, and sometimes I won't. But I will always keep you on your toes.

And I am committed to making the world a smarter place, one enlightened mind at a time.


Douglas Castle

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