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Sloganizing or Sloganeering - Creating Sharp Objects That Penetrate

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A curious new Lingovation, or two, with a small bit of input reqested of you.

Given: Slogans, in marketing, are, in essence, sharp objects that penetrate.

Choose: Would you call the professional creation of high-quality slogans "sloganizing" or "sloganeering"? I suspect that either one is good. But some of the more etymologically and connotatively astute among you have pointed out to me that the suffix "-izing" has to do with an act of creation or change, while the suffix "-eering" has more to do with study, discovery or adventure.

Please advise me, oh enlightened and caring ones,  as to which term is better suited for what the amazing Rhonda Sher does? You may cast your ballot in the little box at the bottom of this post which says "Contact Douglas Castle." Do I ask because I respect the opinion of my readers? YES! Do I also ask because I can get some free market research in this manner? YES!

Please read that which follows...

Slogans - Sharp Objects That Penetrate.

Here is a re-post from a recent blog brief which I sent out to a cross-section of social media, with some modifications and enhancements:

Communicate with Precision

Your Challenge: You have less than 5 seconds and no more than 140 characters. You are surrounded by noise, spam and information competing for your audience's attention. Make your point. Can you? How?

The Solution: A lethal, memorable catchphrase that 1) attracts attention through clever wording, humor, controversy, curiousity-building a call to action or fear, and 2) states what you or your company actually does.

The Reward: Branding, buzz, credibility, SEO and revenues.

The Means: Rhonda L. Sher, one of our newest Members of The National Networker Companies (a GICBC) doesn't call herself what she is, but she does exactly what we are talking term (a lingovation) for Rhona's area of expertise, framed as a profession is "SLOGANIZING" (or perhaps "SLOGANEERING"). Given the narrow parameters of communication in this ever-declining signal-to-noise ratio environment, her area of specialization is becoming increasingly crucial.

You must SLOGANIZE or SLOGANEER to succeed. Your path is simple...

1. Sloganize (or Sloganeer);

2. Buzz;

3. Brand Yourself.

Before I lead you into a re-post of my most recent TNNW article brief about Rhonda, I am obligated, by Adam Kovitz, to tell you to join us at TNNWC (for free) to receive our free publications, and to gain access to our fabulous services and Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community. Click on

Now I have to use my vast powers of pursuasion to convince Rhonda to make her uniqely powerful area of specialization available to our Members.

What follows is re-post of what the magic of this Sloganizing (or Sloganeering) is all about.

Think about the sheer rallying power inherent phrases like "Yes We Can," "Not On My Watch," "Just Say No," "Mikey Likes It!" "Shock and Awe", "Are You Man Enough?" "Save The Children, " "Protecting Your Rights," "The Quiet Company, "Capture Those Moments," "I Keep My Neighbors Safe," To Serve and To Protect"... There is intense and immense power in well-chosen words...

Dear Friends:

Silly slogans are not fully silly. They tend to be memorable. Creating catchphrases, one-liners, blurbs, campaign (or even military operations) titles, bylines, credos and slogans requires a tremendous skill -- getting the maximimum  meaning and memorability out of the minimal number of words.

You must be a poet, a wordsmith, a humorist, a behavioral psychologist -- or you must be Rhonda L. Sher, of the Two Minute Networker (

Ms. Sher is a noted author and an expert in high-speed, maximum efficiency networking, but her greatest magic lies in her ability to create fabulously catchy slogans. Every person, every company and every cause-based organization needs one. You can either visit Rhonda' websites, or you can contact her either a) by email at , or by telephone at 951.587.6512. One thing is certain - Rhonda not only excels at what she does, but she has fun doing it. She is a true joy to invest time with.

By the way, this endorsement was unsolicited and is uncompensated. It's simply because I, and my esteemed colleagues at The National Networker Companies (join us at no cost by clicking on , want to be certain that all of our members and readers are constantly kept apprised of any person, company, product or service which may help them in their quest for growth.


Douglas Castle

p.s. Here's one from me: "Don't Compete... Collaborate!"

p.p.s I couldn't resist this. Neither will you. So predictable. Heck... Enjoy it.

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