Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BRAINTENANCE ALERT: Elusive Genius In Our Genes!

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Braintenance Alert: Elusive Genius In Our Genes!

Note: A truly horrific pun (i.e., a groaner), just for the purposes of establishing a baseline, would be, "Yes, it's just like my nose, which runs in our family." Please read the correspondence which follows with this standard in mind. Condolences! -DC

Re: The Updated Gist Video Landing Page (Castle,Pontificating, in response to Mark Blankenship's compliments to Penny Ng, which follow in his original letter, forwarded)

Dear Mark:

Genius runs in our family. Sometimes it runs so fast that we can't seem to catch up with it. The current theory is that with the help of enough good friends, we may be able to apprehend it (once and for all), harness it and actually make practical use of it.

Happy landings!

Visit http://bit.ly/LethalNapkin for further details...

In friendship,


--- On Mon, 1/17/11, Mark Blankenship wrote:

From: Mark Blankenship
Subject: The Updated Gist Video Landing Page
To: "Penny Ng"
Cc: "Adam Kovitz", "Douglas Castle"
Date: Monday, January 17, 2011, 8:11 PM

Hi Penny,
Pat yourself on the back.

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