Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Feltman Correspondence - Crucial Reading (Eventually)

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Be prepared. Or perhaps it's too late to be prepared for...


Note: The exciteing log above was created by Douglas Castle, author of the BRAINTENANCE Blog, utilizing graphics tools provided by Cooltext, at .'s not the title of a new Robert Ludlum novel (What's that? Ludlum died? Oh....I'm so sorry. I shall have to send his wife a note. I was a big fan).

It is typical of how I am inclined to put things off, to the immoral detriment of my friends, who all too often find themselves victims, or players in a surreal YMCA camp rendition of the play "Waiting For Godot."

In the case which follows, my victim was one Peter Feltman, a friend and a Divisional President in TNNWC Group, LLC, a company in which I have a substantial interest. As Chairman and Director of Strategic Planning, I probably should anyway.

The letter which I sent to him, to wit:


I'm now off to the gym to work out, after which I shall call you.

I am such a procrastinator -- I am going to seek professional help when I can get around to it.


p.s. It took me until I was almost eighteen years old before I even learned how to tie my shoes. Sometimes I even tied them together, to eachother. Life is difficult when you're always missing the bus or late for the courthouse. Amen

The moral of the story is "Do not procrastinate - your whole life can pass you by!"

Alternate morals might have been:

"Why put off for tomorrow, what you can actually put off for a whole week?" -or-

"No matter how much you procrastinate, you will eventually die, with or without adequate advance notice."


Douglas Castle, a/k/a "Running Behind"

p.s. After I've gotten back from my trip, I am going to give serious thought to ending my battle with the ever-powerful urge to procrastinate. If there's a snowstorm or anything, I may have to delay the commencement of the implementation of this project.

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