Friday, January 7, 2011

FACT: You've either gotten your audience's "buy-in" within 2 - 5 minutes, or you've lost them.

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This deceptively relevent piece of brain matter brought to you by GIST VIDEO, BRAINTENANCE and TNNWC GROUP.

FACT: You've either gotten your audience's "buy-in" within the first two to five minutes, or you've lost them. GIST: 

Remember: Before you can educate, you must:
1. Get their attention.
2. Focus them.
3. Keep the energy level high.

If you overspeak, your impact and impression WILL decline. You'll lose the edge you've gained. As my uncle Gene (who worked in the circus) used to say: "Kid! You gotsa always leave 'em hungry for more. If you give 'em a big feast, they'll fall asleep on ya." Uncle Gene was also a major proponent of "Electroschock Therapy," and used to go for ECT appointments faithfully on a daily basis. He was the first member of our family to pioneer a 70's "Afro" hairstyle.


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