Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are You a Missionary or a Mercenary? - Douglas Castle

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Are You a Missionary or a Mercenary?

Dear Friends:

It is a question of motive. Its answer requires some serious introspection. Which of these two that you choose to be may affect your future -- reaching a bit further, it might have to do with the future off all of Humankind.

If you believe in the notion of a soul (yours) and a guiding spirit; if you believe in the notion of a "higher mind," "cosmic consciousness," or of a "Greater Purpose,"; if you genuinely believe in any version of the Law Of Attraction (and don't just preach it to others, or use it to camouflage your own agenda); if you feel a sense of darkness or darker emotion encircling your life and the entirety of society; well then, you have to make a choice.

The choice is whether to work to shine a light in this world and to rise above your baser, weaker, more insecure emotional component -- or to allow yourself to succumb to the growing think look for a "score" at every opportunity. In brief, this "darkness of intent" is wrought of desperation and fear, and it multiplies itself, like a virus, among the world's population. Dark deeds lead to more, darker deeds -- to to growth of the collective grief.

A mercenary does things exclusively, or primarily for personal gain. A missionary, in the broadest sense, does things either exclusively, or primarily to serve others. I never understood this distinction as clearly as do today. This day. This morning.

A mercenary is a contributor to the darkness. It is the route of choice for those who are either amoral (and who will do anything for material gain or a sense of security), or who, by default and their own passivity in witnessing injustice and evil and simply accepting it as "the way of the world," allow it to propagate itself like a giant cancer.

A missionary does not have to be selfless, or to swear an oath of poverty. He (or she) must choose to add value to the world through his or her acts and deeds, and to refuse to do things that either a) contribute to the fruits of those "baser" forces, or to b) deny to call wrong by its name and to attempt, with whatever limited resources either he or she may possess, to fight it - not to succumb to it. A missionary brings greater light into the world.

In life, and in business, the mercenary ultimate experiences a short-term gain which is overshadowed by a constant general fear, or feeling of uneasiness. The missionary, on the other hand, has a longer, rougher road, but will be aligned with what is best for Humankind and the Universe -- and the ultimate rewards will be greater, more satisfying and longer-lasting. They will bring you peace as well as prosperity.

My mother used to talk to me about doing things with a "clear conscience." She used to trot out such aphorisms as "sometimes it's a matter of principle," or (my favorite, which, by the way, was also immortalized in an episode of THE ODD COUPLE in the 1970's), "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Mom was right.

Before you take your next action; indeed, perhaps before you take your next breath, examine your motives, and then make your choice. Constantly keep in mind the ramifications of what you choose to do.

Each of us, individually, has a stake and a vote in the future of Humankind. We may envision ourselves as being independent, but we are each part of a far greater organism...each of us feeling the effects of others, and each of affecting the others. We're all on the same ride.


Douglas Castle

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Douglas Castle
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