Friday, August 13, 2010

Scripting - For Re-Programming Your Mind: Beating Stress-Induced Depression and Anxiety

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SCRIPTING - For Re-Programming Your Mind: Beting Stress-Induced Depression and Anxiety.

Scripting is a very basic technique which involves the utilization your hands, your eyes, and your lips for the successful re-programming of the way you think. While it involves some techniques derived from RET, NLP, Entrainment and Hypnosis, it is a method unto itself, and it can be used at any time, at your leisure and completely subject to your control. It is a means of displacing a damaging "subsconscious program" and replacing it with a positive and useful one.

For optimal success, here is the best approach:

1. Download a professionally-written script;

2. Print the entire script out;

3. In a quiet, private time, hold the script in both your hands and either read it aloud, or "word" through it --- this means having your lips silently form the written words;

4. Do this repeatedly throughout the day;

5. Do not drive or do anything technically or intellectually demanding for ten or fifteen minutes after you've finished reading or wording through the script.

Please follow the above directions and don't take shortcuts. Incidentally, two of the best times to do scripting activity are right before going to sleep and upon awakening in the morning.

Please download and print out a SCRIPT FOR BEATING STRESS AND ANXIETY. Give it a try. Use it several days in a row. If you enjoy the result, don't worry; there will be more scripts in days to come.

Here's the download:


Douglas Castle

p.s. Take some time to invest in yourself! That's what this is about, friends.

Douglas Castle
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