Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Omnigadget Lives! Lingovations Make Their Return! - Braintenance Special!

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Dear Fellow Cerebrators:

BRAINTENANCE is about flexing and strengthening your most important muscle -- your brain. I have taken the liberty of posting one of the weekly items from The BLUE TUESDAY Report, published in conjunction with The National Networker Weekly Newsletter and published by TNNWC Group, LLC. The website address for TNNWC (you can acquire a free Membership there, too!) is http://www.thenationalnetworker.com/ .

Lingovations are words which "beg" to be invented because they 1) are uniquely suitable to express certain concepts when no other word or word combination will serve quite as effectively, and 2) they are sometimes hysterically funny.

If after reading the LINGOVATION explanation (that rhymes!) which follows, you have some idea of your very own for a new LINGOVATION, simply press on the button which follows  (it says "Submit My Original Lingovation") to submit your new word and its definition, and we will make you famous...well, perhaps just somewhat famous. We will get your Lingovation a very high ranking on all of the search engines -- that much is assured!

The address for the form (if your buttonophobic):

The button!



Douglas Castle


Dear Friends:

As you may or may not know, a Lingovation is a newly-created, freshly-coined word, often comprised of  a hybrid or contraction of several existing words, which comes into being when no other single existing word or word combination (and sometimes not even an entire paragraph!) can precisely express the thought. They are not nonsensical terms, and must indeed be taken very seriously.

For example, the seminal term Lingovation, created by the brilliant but occasionally eccentric Douglas Castle, is actually a compounded contraction of two words: "Innovation" and "Linguistics".

In the past, some exceptionally popular Lingovations have included such terms as Omnigadget, Hyper-hyphenation, and others. Go ahead. Google 'em.

From this week forward, I promise you a fresh, steaming Lingovation to be featured in each BLUE TUESDAY Report.

I swear (too frequently),

Douglas Castle

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Douglas Castle
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