Monday, August 23, 2010

BRAINTENANCE: Riddles - Great Anti-Aging Exercise for the Brain!

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BRAINTENANCE: Riddles - Great Anti-Aging Exercise for the Brain!

Dear Brain Trainers, Maintainers and Occasional Complainers:

Riddles - simple word puzzles - are a wonderful and highly entertaining means of keeping your brain (and your associated mind) in superb shape. Solving riddles increases blood circulation and neuronal plasticity. This exercise calls into play your recall, associative intelligence, vocabulary skills, differentiation skills involving shades or meaning and irony...just to name several. Thinking is a wonderful exercise: particularly if it is positive, productive and challenging.

Here are several from the Riddler, himself, courtesy of

Just click on the link for some great puzzles and answers...

Target Objective: Solve ten riddles during the course of the day today.

You're quite welcome, Mr. President. By the way, neither animals nor fossil fuels have been used in the presentation of the above riddles. They are non-partisan and politically correct. I hope that I am not being too ambitious in saying that our politicians, both Democratic and Republican, could probably use this form of mental exercise and stimulation. It would be good for the whole country.

Douglas Castle
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  1. Anti-aging isn't about living to 300 years old; it is really about living as long as possible in good health.


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