Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Times To Submit News Releases - and - The Best Times To Send Emails

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Little-Known Facts Of Great Significance

The Best Times To Submit News Releases -and- The Best Times To Send Emails
Object: Maximize the effectiveness of your communications by optimizing timing.
Most of the news releases submitted on a Friday will be posted (by media) on Tuesday -- a two business day delay. The best days for a press release to "land" (i.e., to be published) in the media are on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday. Because of 1-2 business day publishing delays, the best (and safest) days to submit news releases to the wire services are on Friday, Monday and Tuesday for maximum effectiveness.
In contrast, the best days to get your direct emails to be opened by recipients are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The worst days for recipients to receive your emails are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Monday is the worst of the worst -- it's when you get the least attention, and maximum deletion. People can even get angry at you for filling up their inboxes to bursting when they've gone to face their accumulated email mountain after a weekend of being away from the rigors of work. 
Irony: The best day to get your News Release published is on a Monday (Tuesday is also quite good), while it is the worst day to have anyone receive your email campaigns.
- An Anonymous Tipster

Douglas Castle (just an assumed name - he would never divulge a trade secret; not even under threat of physical torture)
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