Monday, August 9, 2010

Braintenance: The Paradox Of Introspection

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Braintenance: The Paradox Of Introspection

Dear Fellow Brain-Trainers:

We are constantly being taught to "be careful about what we think," and to "control our thoughts." We are also told (usually in the depths of our depression, despair and loss) that "You must think POSITIVELY, or you'll continue to attract negative things into your life!"

This whole idea of detaching ourselves from our thoughts and objectively thinking about what and how we are thinking is a logical and psychological challenge.  If it were easy, we could be like self-programming, self-correcting computers.

Try it. Try to think about what you are thinking. It's an amazing (and potentially productive exercise). At any rate, it i easier that watching yourself sleep without the use of some arcane astral projection technique.


Douglas Castle

Douglas Castle
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