Sunday, August 8, 2010

The "Economic Recovery," Although Slow and Possibly Fictitious, Has Changed My Standard Of Living!

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The "Economic Recovery," Although Slow (and Possibly Fictitious), Has Changed My Standard Of Living!

-- Douglas Castle

Dear Readers, Friends and That Small Group of Folks Who Fall Into Both Categories Together:

Here's the picture:

The headline underneath this picture (a photo of a sign in front of a condominium in Delray Beach Florida), proclaimed "PLACES WHERE CONDOS ARE CHEAPER THAN CARS."

I was intrigued. Have cars gotten that expensive? Perhaps this is because you can finance them. Have condos gotten that cheap? Perhaps this is because you have to jump through flaming hoops, run a gauntlet of sadists, have a FICO score in excess of what yours actually is at any given time (Heisenberg's Principle meets Murphy's Law), and be completely without sin in order to get a bank (especially the ones which Ben Bernanke proclaimed "too big to fail!") to actually give you a mortage loan to "buy" one. 


I interviewed an anonymous stranger (a tall, bearded fellow) who was purchasing several bags of freshly-packaged fertilizer at a "going out of business SALE!" nursery where I happened to be shopping for a Catcher Plant (disappointed to find out that there were only Pitcher Plants - the nice lady cashier smiled at me and said, "hey, don't ask, don't tell," with a New England accent), and this is what the fellow said:

"I love your country! I was once so poor that I lived in my car. But I've sold it, and I bought a beautiful condominium with the proceeds! Praise be to Allah!"

Yes indeed, friends. There's something for everyone here. You just have to know where to look. Knowing where to there's an idea to start promoting to everyone.


Douglas Castle

p.s. This story is partly fictional, partly whimsical and partially farsical. Is farsicality a word? Have I coined a new Lingovation? FARSICALITY.

p.p.s. I still can't help but laugh every time I hear the word "infarction."

Douglas Castle
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